BIPL provides a broad range of services to serve the diverse needs of its clients.  Whether a start-up, established company, or a large corporation, BIPL tailors its IP counsel to fit within its clients’ unique business strategies, and provides clear and predictable legal budgets.  

“Ship”  by K. Sandberg is licensed under  CC BY 2.0

“Ship” by K. Sandberg is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Strategic Counseling

BIPL appreciates that patent value rarely exists in a vacuum and that effective strategies to protect IP must factor in the IP landscape of the relevant industry.  BIPL provides informed, creative advice on patent strategy at every stage – from planning a portfolio to preparing for product launch – taking into account the relevant IP landscape and other crucial market conditions.     

IP Licensing and Agreements

BIPL attorneys have decades of experience navigating the critical issues that arise in IP agreements.  Our attorneys have negotiated IP agreements for ventures ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.  We work closely with our clients to draft and negotiate protections critical to our clients' success and to leverage our clients' core IP.

Patent Prosecution

With extensive experience litigating, analyzing, and licensing patents, BIPL understands how to obtain “litigation-ready” patents—namely, patents with the best chance of withstanding legal challenges and maximizing collectable damages.  BIPL also brings to bear its experience in transactions, due diligence, portfolio management, opinions, counseling, and litigation to address its clients’ intellectual property needs as they evolve.  This enables BIPL to provide a well-coordinated and consistent prosecution strategy that is focused at all times on its clients’ broader business goals and strategies. 

Patent Portfolio Management 

BIPL attorneys have decades of experience analyzing technologies, assessing the core elements of technologies, and crafting patent portfolios that both cover current inventions and anticipate future variations.  BIPL attorneys also understand the importance of focusing on higher value applications first and of integrating all US applications into any planned international strategy.   BIPL leverages this experience, combined with its understanding of its clients’ business strategy and industry, to provide a cost-effective patent portfolio that meets its clients’ needs.

Litigation Strategy and Management

Historically, patent litigation has been costly, time consuming, and disruptive.  Recent changes at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), however, have opened the door to new cost-effective strategies.  BIPL works closely with its clients to assess their litigation goals and to identify key issues which may favorably resolve a suit.   BIPL then devises strategies to resolve these issues in a cost effective manner.

Patent Office Trials

The recently-passed America Invents Act (AIA) has made it easier, faster, and cheaper to challenge a patent’s patentability at the USPTO using the new Inter Partes Review (IPR), Post Grant Review (PGR), and Covered Business Method-Post Grant Review (CBM-PGR) proceedings.  The AIA also enables parties charged with patent infringement to seek a temporary stay of the infringement litigation in order to challenge asserted patents at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).  For certain companies facing infringement allegations, the PTAB may be an attractive venue to challenge the plaintiff’s patents that form the basis for the suit.  BIPL attorneys have had extensive experience and success before the USPTO and can help their clients to use these new proceedings to achieve their goals.