Start-up Services

BIPL understands start-up companies and the panoply of legal issues that can arise early in their life cycles.  BIPL provides expert advice across a variety of legal topics often faced by start-up companies.  Whether you have questions about choosing a corporate structure, filing in a particular state, or negotiating agreements, BIPL is here to help.  Drawing on our years of experience as attorneys and extensive databases of research, agreements, and draft documents, BIPL can help you grow and stay within your budget.   

Virtual In-House IP Counsel

For early-stage companies that don’t yet have the budget for in-house IP counsel, BIPL offers its Virtual In-House IP Counsel service.  Working on a monthly retainer, BIPL serves as an integral member of a client's team, working with these emerging ventures to understand business models, core technologies, and the relevant industry's IP landscape.  This information enables BIPL to tailor its IP counsel its clients' strategic and long-term needs.